My Life. My Journey. My Mom’s Health Issues

My Mom’s Health Issues, Photo Copyright Ray Majoran

One year, my mother was having major health concerns—she was always dizzy, had a fever, and so on. It got so bad, my grandma had to drive her to work each day.

Finally, she ended up going to the doctor who set her up with a specialist at Sunnybrook Hospital’s Dizziness Clinic. Upon further examination and blood tests, two alarming things came to the forefront: (1) my mom had a lump on her breast, and (2) she had severe lead poisoning.

The lead poisoning was a result of where she worked as an Office Admin: a die casting company in Toronto that used large amounts of lead in their products. The specialist scheduled a mammogram to further diagnose the issue.

My mom then called my grandma who called Hannah. They all met at my grandma’s house, as they usually did when something needed to be taken to prayer. While Hannah and my grandma were praying for my mom, she knew through faith that the Lord had healed her.

Upon getting the mammogram and visiting the specialist, two new things came to light: (1) the lump on her breast had “somehow” disappeared, and (2) her lead poisoning was gone. 

My mom was no longer dizzy and her fever was all but forgotten. She returned to her job and worked there for many more years. 

As I reflect back more than two decades later, it’s easy to let moments like these slip away from memory. More hardships arrive, new illnesses form, and it’s easy it’s easy to shout, “Where is God now? Why won’t He come to our rescue?” But in doing so, we miss the point and make a mockery of God, like what He did back then wasn’t good enough. 

God reveals His miraculous power when it aligns with His plan for our lives. He is the author and Creator. He sees the big picture; we do not.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

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