In a matter of days, I will be heading off to India and Nepal with my good friend, Tom Ward. To be quite honest, I never envisioned myself visiting India or Nepal, but after God opened the door, it quickly made a lot of sense.

The primary purpose of our trip will be visiting Vision Nationals, an organization focused on caring for orphans and widows, training nationals and planting churches throughout Asia. Since 1992, Vision Nationals has worked with 150 church planters to plant over 500 churches in India alone. My primary focus there will be photography.

We leave for Visakhapatnam, India on October 29, and piggyback to Kathmandu, Nepal on November 6. Our flight home gets back on the night of November 11 (however, I'm sure my body will take a few days to recover from the insane amount of jet lag).

Be sure to check this site every once in awhile as I will be photo journaling while I’m there. Also, I'd encourage you to follow the Your Breath In Me site and my Instagram account for updates.

Below is a short video on the work of Vision Nationals. Please pray for us while we are away, and pray for our families back home. 

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