Over the last year, there’s been a number of weather stories about amazing light pillars caused by ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Most of the recorded displays have been captured in the extreme northern areas of the world. As an avid photographer in southern Canada who is particularly intrigued by the northern lights, I’ve sat at my desk drooling over some of the light pillar photos I’ve seen.

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Do we see the amazing beauty in the things that God has created, the people He's brought into our lives, the situations He's put us in? Or do we live in a bubble, oblivious to His amazing wonder happening all around us? unOblivious is a 160-page photo-essay that helps answer that question.

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My Last Lecture

Dear Friends, Family, Neighbors, World...If you were dying and you had one last chance to talk with the people that matter most to you, what would you say? If everything was on the line, and nothing was left on the table, what wisdom would you impart? My name is Ray Majoran, and this book is my last lecture.

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